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Star Sisters

Star SistersFor my daughter Coco, one of the biggest discoveries in her (relatively short) life has been reading. It has been lovely to observe how absorbed she gets into a book and how she cannot put it down — so grown up!

We were recently sent a copy of Star Sisters and the Royal Wedding by the lovely Jennifer Blecher. It is a cute book about two friends with magical necklaces who go on adventures and help other people, in this case, sorting out a Royal Wedding. Now, Coco is a girl who does not really like fairies and princesses (at least that is what she claims) but in this case, she read the book in one swoop.

I love Jennifer’s explanation on why she wrote this series of books: After a stressful day, she was sick of reading books to her daughters where girls were too snarky for their own good. She wanted something that was based on kindness and friendship. So she went about writing her own series — and, judging by Coco’s reaction, that was a very good move…

– Emilie


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Mary Edwards
September 24, 2014

What age would you say this book is for approx ? I see there are three books in the collection with another one coming September 2014. My daughter is 8 years, turning 9 next week and can’t stop reading … Thank you. Mary

Emilie in Paris
September 24, 2014

Coco is 8 and she really enjoyed this, but she read the book through in a flash!

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