A market in France

market_viewWhen we stay in our house in France, we always make sure to make the trip to the local market which takes place in Maurs, every Thursday morning. The ride by itself is worth it — the beautiful hills with the fog still hanging over the valleys…


The market is a ‘farmers market’ in the true sense of the word — there still are farmers who will come to town, display their wares on the grounds in front of the medieval church and sell their beautiful products like eggs, vegetables, flowers and tools made from wicker or carved out of wood.

market_stall2 market_tomatoes




market_avaProduce are fresh and abundant, and local. We love all the different cheeses and sausages, the artisanal bread, the wonderful fruit and vegetables… There’s even a woman with a giant water bucket full of trouts — she will catch the one of your liking and, uhm, clean it on the spot (the kids find this especially intriguing)!

market_garlicAnd every summer, I stock up on purple garlic that lasts almost a full year!


market_fountainThe market is very much a social affair as well — people come to town to buy fresh produce, but also meet up with friends and family in one of the cafés (and drink café au lait of course).



market_mandelaMarket day is a busy cay, because back home, we have a great lunch, a productive afternoon… and a delicious dinner! ; ) Ah, summer holidays — I can’t wait until next year!

xxx Esther

PS Yummy Puy lentil salad


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September 9, 2014

Another gorgeous French-inspired post! You know I was beginning to feel like I was slightly tiring of French holidays this summer (we visit ALOT as in-laws live there, weather wasn’t so great this year, I was yearning an airplane to hot spanish sun by the end of our holiday). But your two recent posts have highlighted everything I adore about France. The only detail missing is the beauty of a French Pharmacy…. they are completely amazing and make me want to spend large sums of money on beauty lotions, potions, creams & makeup. This year it was Nuxe oil (I now own enough to oil my legs for the next decade!).

September 9, 2014

Lovely post! We visited the Cantal this year and I love this region. Just wondering how you manage to keep the garlic for so long as the store bought ones always seem to dry out so fast.

September 9, 2014

haa I missed my country 🙂

September 9, 2014

Oh man, I want it to be summer 2015 now!!!

September 10, 2014

Thanks for sharing! Love little Ava’s face in that one photo looking at the camera!! Amazing market!

September 10, 2014

Oh your beautiful summer… just lovely… stunning market and your little people are so darling!!!

September 16, 2014

Maurs la Jolie also called “La Nice du Cantal” for the particular sunny weather, not usually in Cantal! Congrats Esther for the post…Amazing!

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