Blackberry season. Time for pie!

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girls eating blackberries

And just like that… it’s blackberry season! In just the past week the blackberries on the island have ripened… and they are abundant! We’ve been picking blackberries daily and eating them for every meal.  Yummm. Last week the girls and I decided to make a blackberry pie. To be honest, Ivy decided she wanted to make a pie and I decided to be a good mama and help her make it. Pies are not my favourite thing to make — I’m always turned off by the trickiness of pie crust (the making, the rolling, the precision of pie crust pinching!). Cakes and cobblers are so much easier for this reason. But, Ivy wanted pie…

I’ve recently discovered the baking blog Bakers Royale, and the few recipes I’ve tried have been really good so we decided to make her Blackberry Lime Pie, despite my worries that it might be too sour for a little girl’s palette.

blackberry lime pie
blackberry lime pie, last piece

The pie turned out really well (despite the not-so-perfect pie crust design!). The blackberry and lime combination is really interesting, and the crust is a bit sweeter than most crusts so it’s the perfect combination of sweet pastry and slightly sour filling. Really yummy! We will definitely make it again.

x Courtney


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August 7, 2014

So happy I stumbled upon your blog. I am obsessed with Bakers Royale. So talented and I love the rustic look of her photographs. Looks like your pie turned out pretty good. It is almost gone!! Hehe. Delish xo

August 11, 2014

I would love to hear any tips you have for blogging while traveling with your family. Like you, we spend much of the summer away from home. I’m ok with posting less while focussing on our family during the summer months, but I don’t want to completely stop for 2 months. any thoughts to share on this topic of being a blogger and a mother on holiday? thank you and love following your family in the US all summer! cheers.

Courtney in London
August 12, 2014

Thanks for your sweet comment. Oooh it’s so difficult, isn’t it? I agree that completely stopping over the summer is probably not the right way to go, especially if you’re really trying to increase your readership. On the other hand, it’s not worth disrupting your summer holiday and precious time with your family.
One of the great things about our situation is that there are three of us blogging here, so we can all contribute a bit, and if we prepare a little, it means we can essentially take a week or so off and be covered by the others.
Also, I’ve learned that our blog readerships dips every summer. Not only are people posting less, but people are reading less! So you don’t have to stress as much about posting. This summer I’ve been posting mostly personal posts about things that we have been doing this summer. I haven’t really done the ‘worky’ type of blogging and that has been nice.
Anyway, not sure if this is helpful, but just wanted to share…
xx Courtney

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