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MAPS Activity Book

MAPS activity book
colouring MAPS activity book
Remember the MAPS book we all love so much? Well, they’ve just come out with an activity book version which my kids are loving nearly as much as the book!! (Easton did make sure to tell me that he still loves the book more!)

colouring american states

The MAPS activity book is filled with loads of great activities, all based on encouraging children to learn and discover the different countries, continents and cultures around the world. There’s a page, for example, that encourages children to colour the 50 different states of America, using only four colours, and without letting any of the colours touch — a fun, yet challenging activity that my 9-year-old really enjoyed.

colour your own flag

Another page asks you to colour the different flags from countries around the world and then asks you to design and colour your own flag. Another fun activity! The book is available from Amazon (US and UK).

x Courtney


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August 6, 2014

I recently bought the maps book for someone who’s birthday is soon – and it is just the BEST and BEAUTIFUL book ever – I was gasping when i flipped through the pages in the bookstore!!!! Good to know that there is something on top of that…

August 6, 2014

Love this Courtney! We are going to check out the MAPS book (thanks for the link back to your previous blog) We’ve recently been going over our neighborhood, city, state and will start branching out in the years ahead! The book (and eventually activity book) will be a great way to keep our daughters engaged and the illustrations will make it fun. Thank you 🙂

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