Baby & Me Magazine, my favourite childhood items

childhood favourites at Baby & Me Magazine
This month’s issue of Baby & Me Magazine features the best and most stylish of children’s products in the 2014 Style Awards. They handed out awards to winners based on their criteria of iconic design, good looks and innovation (you can see the winners here).

This month they asked me to round up some of my personal favourite children’s products — the products we have used and loved in our family, ones that I hope to keep forever and pass down to my grandchildren. The products shown above are a few that made the cut. You can find my column in this month’s issue here.

x Courtney



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Emma Pinchin
August 1, 2014

Thank you for the recommendations. I purchased both Alison Jay’s ‘Alphabet’ and First Counting Book and my one year old and four year old love them. They are really beautiful books and I will certainly be giving them as gifts as well.

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