Djeco mini games (perfect for traveling!)

My good friend Kim always brings the best gifts for my children. She recently visited us from London, and again managed to bring something awesome! She spoiled each of my kids with a Djeco Mini Game, and they are such a big hit. With the vacations around the corner, and so many of us traveling to faraway and exciting places, I thought they were just too good not to share.

Djeco Mini Games are a variety of 30 cards, all bundled in a pack, with each of them featuring yet another old-fashioned brain teaser. There are card packs with ‘spot the ten differences’, ‘find the missing piece’, ‘sudoko’, ‘maze’, ‘connect the dots’ etc etc — so much fun (also for adults)! And perfect entertainment for in the back of the car, on the plane, in the train, in a restaurant… You name it. I’m definitely going to pick up a few more (if indeed we manage to get away with our house renovations in full swing).

You can find a good variety of the Djeco Mini Games at PSikhouvanjou, Little Citizens Boutique, and My Little Day.

xxx Esther


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July 10, 2014

Hello Esther,

Thanks so much for sending this through. I absolutely love djeco, and these games look great. How timely, with the holiday season just about to start 😉

July 10, 2014

how funny, I just bought some of these today for our long car journeys these holidays! toevallig!

July 11, 2014

Hi Esther, I too bought one of these games. I was so impressed with the idea, and the quality of the product and illustrations. The thing is, after finishing it once (which didn’t take long to do), there isn’t much you can do with it. It seems such a shame to throw away such a high quality product after only one use. Or am I missing something here???

Esther in Amsterdam
July 11, 2014

Hi Noa, I didn’t really have that issue (yet)… my children still didn’t finish the cards. But yes, I see your point — maybe you could have your kids use pencils so they can erase the cards and pass them on to friends? xxx

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