Stylish UV rash vests for girls from Rockley Cove

RockleyCove rashvests
UV rash vest from Rockley Cove
We first picked up on the importance of rash vests five years ago when we took our first family trip to Australia. We landed in sunny Sydney, packed our beach bag and headed for the beautiful sandy beach. When we arrived it was evident to us, and no doubt everyone else, that we were the naive Europeans! Our children were the only kids on the beach not wearing a rash vest, or ‘rashie’ as they’re called in Australia! The sun is so strong there, and because you’re in and out of the water so much, sun creams are only effective to a certain point. We bought the kids their first rash vests on our way home from the beach that first day, and they wore them every day for the rest of our month-long holiday.

While I’ll admit they’re quite useful, and certainly crucial for adequate sun protection in certain parts of the world, the aesthetic part of my brain has always found them to be quite unattractive, often featuring big logos and ugly colours.

Enter Rockley Cove. The Rockley Cove rash vests are both practical and stylish. They’re made from quick-drying UPF 50+ fabric and include a high neckline to protect the neck and back. Handy and quite cute as well. We got them for the girls and they wore them on our recent holiday in Italy. I must say, they were the only kids wearing them on the Italian beaches (people probably thought we were Australian! : )) but it’s a lot easier than slathering sunblock on them every hour! (If only they would design some for boys!)

x Courtney


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June 20, 2014

What hAppened to your Instagram !!??!?! I loved your daily photos, sad to see it is gone

June 20, 2014

I’m from New Zealand and also struggled to finding something that looked good but protected from our harsh sun. I found the local brand Little Red Fish and they do some lovely striped rash shirts which work for boys or girls. They are also excellent quality. I think they ship worldwide too. See I think they ship worldwide too! See

June 20, 2014

Oops – terrible editing, sorry! I’ll blame the fact I’m writing on my phone!

June 20, 2014

Hi Courtney, just surged through their site, very very nice and tempting, I’m sure my daughters would be the only ones to wear a rashie in Sardinia, where we are heading to next week… but the sun is so harmful and they like so much staying on the sun and in and out from water…
In terms of size, in your experience they are in line with actual age? my daghters are 6 and 8 and they usually wear accordingly, I was wondering if one size bigger would fine or not…

June 22, 2014

Hi [email protected] – I’ve taken the liberty to comment following your question to Courtney – yes I think one size bigger if the girls are at the upper end of the age range would be good as they will last another season – unless they are particularly small for their age. L

June 20, 2014

hi courtney,

try the beach-heroes for boys,
they’re quite simple and not to ugly.

so sad your IG account is gone. hope it gets sorted out fast.
the photos of your beautiful family are so inspiring.
thanks or sharing 🙂

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