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Ivy’s favourite books (great for ages 4 to 6)

Ivy reading Frozen book

Are your children obsessed too? We have Frozen mania in this house like you’ve never seen (or probably you have…?!). We bought Ivy this Disney Frozen book for her birthday recently and she takes it to bed with her every night. So it was obviously her first answer when I asked her to tell me her favourite books. : )

We went through the little bookcase next to her bed and she picked out some of her other favourites. Here are the ones she chose:

Ivy's favourite books

1. Disney Frozen , as mentioned above.

2. Hector and Christina : This is a used book we found online, and I don’t think it’s in print anymore. But we love all of the books by husband and wife team, Roger Duvoisin and Louise Fatio, for their sweet stories as well as the charming illustrations. (The Happy Lion is one of our family favourites!)

3. Petunia : This is another Duvoisin/Fatio book about a silly goose who thinks she is very wise and goes around the farmyard telling all the animals false facts.

4. Corduroy : A classic! A story about a bear named Corduroy who has been sitting on the shelf of a department store for a long time, hoping for someone to take him home. I think Ivy likes the idea that stuffed animals can have feelings and can come alive when nobody is looking.

5. Olive and the Big Secret : This is another book about Olive (Ivy loves both of them!). In this story, Olive the cat is told a big secret and can’t help but tell a friend, so she tells Joe who tells Matt who tells Lola… and the secret gets out! It’s another silly story, but one that really appeals to Ivy (and actually all of my kids).

6. Olivia and the Fairy Princesses : Ivy loves all of the Olivia books, but this one is definitely her favourite. (I’ve blogged about this book here.)

7. Sick Day for Amos McGee : I was so glad Ivy chose this one because it’s one of my favourites too. The illustrations are so beautiful, and the story is just so heartwarming. It’s about a zoo keeper named Amos who has special animal friends in the zoo. One day, when Amos is home sick and doesn’t turn up at the zoo, the animals hop on the bus and pay him a visit at home.  So sweet!

There are so many others we love, but as promised I am only listing the ones Ivy chose (maybe at the end of this series I should share MY favourites, just so they don’t get overlooked?!). Feel free to share your children’s favourites for this age range.

x Courtney


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June 12, 2014

My 4 year old loves that Frozen book too! Every night. Her other favourites (besides Olivia books) are The Library Lion (such a sweet, sweet story – you might need to get it in the states as it was a gift from a friend) and The Philharmonic Gets Dressed – all about the members of an orchestra getting ready for a concert. Love the book ideas, keep them coming – I have a terrible (?) habit of buying loads of them…

June 12, 2014

We have the very same Frozen book….cue much singing by the girls & much moaning by my poor son that he has Frozen songs stuck in his head! My 5 yo daughter loves all the Topsy & Tim books – I remember them from my childhood, we now have loads, plus they make good first readers for kids just above reception year.

June 12, 2014

We love Petunia as well! The illustration of all the animals with all their bandages and scrapes after the fireworks explosion makes my kids laugh every single time. (is that awful?)
Have you ever read Petunia’s Christmas? Such a lovely tale of love and giving which sets a wonderful tone for the holidays. Highly recommend!
My soon to be four yr old adores Little Mouse’s Big Secret by Eric Battut. It’s so charming and I can see why she keeps it by her bedside.

Courtney in London
June 14, 2014

Thanks Pam! I just ordered ‘Little Mouse’s Big Secret’. It sounds so cute! x

June 12, 2014

Rapunzel by Paul Zelinsky was my 5 year old daughter’s favorite. It is tattered and well loved. We read that book over and over and over! She also really loved Lin Yi’s Lantern and A Visitor for Bear (Bonnie Becker) which is a fun book to read aloud.

Courtney in London
June 14, 2014

Thanks Christy! A Visitor For Bear looks so cute. Will check that out. x

June 12, 2014

Especially enjoying this series. Thanks, Courtney! x

June 13, 2014

When mine were that age we had Stellaluna, The Journey Home and Elephant Elements on high rotation. I think Ivy has very good taste – Corduroy and A Sick Day for Amos McGee especially are fabulous.

June 14, 2014

We are the lower end of this age range, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few favourites!! Dogger by Shirley Hughes – its the sweetest story about a little boy who loses his beloved toy. Alfie & Annie Rose books (also Shirley Hughes) are always a hit too! And shouldn’t everyone own a copy of The Jolly Postman 🙂 Corduroy is on the to buy list I think! x

Courtney in London
June 14, 2014

We also love the Shirley Hughes books. A good friend of mine gave me the Alfie & Annie Rose books when Ivy was born, and they so remind me of that period when our first baby girl was born! Thanks for sharing your favourites. I had forgotten about The Jolly Postman! x

July 20, 2014

I was just wondering where you got the lovely quilt/bedspread from? I am looking for something similar – it’s stunning!

August 10, 2014

I bought my 4 year old god daughter a book called Fancy Nancy a while ago and she still loves it. Her mum then bought a few copies for presents and when I babysit my god daughter’s cousin last week she had about 5 Fancy Nancy books. She originally received one as a gift from my god daughter and loved them so much that’s all she wants to read at bed time. It’s also a fun book for the parent/babysitter to read which is a bonus! I think Ivy would definitely love it, as well as Esther and Emilie’s girls.

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