Plae shoes

Plae shoes are a newly designed sports shoe for children that is all about engineering, comfort, and fun. Shoe designer Ryan Ringholz launched Plae after becoming a dad, and took on the mission to use the biometric science reserved for athletes to develop a children’s sports shoe. What is especially great about these shoes is that they are engineered to follow the natural contour of children’s feet, leaving the bones enough room to grow their own way. But there’s more. The shoes are washable. The insoles are made from anti-bacterial material, and can even be washed separately. All materials used are eco-friendly, some are even made from recycled PET bottles! Production takes place in a solar powered factory. The shock absorption is great and the toe guard protects shoes and feet against toe drag (I don’t know about yours, but my kids love to toe drag!).

And then, last but not least: the shoes are customizable! Due to an ingenious, simple system of interchangeable tabs, children can play around with their Plae shoes and make them their own. How fun is that? My kids surely love it. I ordered a pair of white Plae shoes for Sara and Pim has been wearing them because he loves them so much — 2 sizes too big! I definitely have to get him his own pair…

xxx Esther


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May 16, 2014

Hi Esther, do they send these to Europe? (I’m in Holland myself). If so, do you know what they charge for shipping?

Esther in Amsterdam
May 17, 2014

Hi Sally, they don’t ‘officially’ ship to Europe just yet (soon though!) — but you can email for orders. x

May 26, 2014

Hi they look lovely, I tried to order them but they wouldn’t send to UK. I emailed too 🙁

August 12, 2016

Hi do you know how wide they are in general? Any table with legth but also info about width?

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