Frozen watermelon lollies

I saw an image of iced watermelon lollies on Pinterest last week and thought that was about the best idea ever! How simple and perfect for summer. Since we’re having a ‘mini’ heat wave here in London this week, I decided to make them for the kids as an after-school snack.  The kids agree — best idea ever!

x Courtney

p.s. I love how 22° qualifies as a heat wave in England : )
p.p.s. Come join us on Pinterest! We’re addicted — so much inspiration all in one place!


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May 15, 2014

They look delicious. And I like your PS about 22 degrees is a heat wave! My husband just phoned to tell me he’s freezing there! x

May 15, 2014

What a great idea! My kids would love these. I love your blog and Instagram feed! 🙂

May 15, 2014

Well… I just have to follow all your fab Pinterest boards straight away!!! As one does…

May 16, 2014

Great idea! But hilarious about 22 as a heat wave! It is 23 degrees here in Melbourne Australia today, a lovely warm autumn day but everyone is still in long sleeves and jackets!

Esther in Amsterdam
May 16, 2014

Great idea!! (I wish we had a bigger freezer!!!!!)
PS of course 22° is a heat wave! Next week it will be 27!! 🙂 🙂

May 16, 2014

I bought my watermelon this morning! All set to make these! Can’t wait for this weekend 🙂

May 17, 2014

I love anything lolly-like! I make my own frozen yoghurt with strawberries and nutella lollies and they’re practically my most favourite thing ever!

Yep, 22 degrees in London, in May, is unheard of! Enjoy it while you can!

Maria xx

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