A Flower Fairy 5th Birthday

It was Ivy’ 5th birthday on Tuesday and I think (hope) the day really lived up to her expectations. She started talking about her birthday about three months ago and together we counted down the days every day for the past 60-something days! (Not sure if it’s a girl thing… but she was more excited for her birthday than either of my boys have ever been. I remember being the same when I was little!)

Here is a little re-cap of her day…

We have a little tradition in our family of hanging up bunting and wrapping presents the night before a birthday, so when the birthday girl/boy wakes up, they walk into a happy kitchen with bunting and balloons and presents to open! We made Aebelskiver pancakes for Ivy (her choice), she opened presents, and then we brought her to school wearing her birthday crown.

I made ‘flower fairy’ carrot cake cupcakes (again, her choice) and brought them into her classroom so all her classmates could sing happy birthday.

Ivy was allowed to invite five friends over after school for a little ‘Flower Fairy’ party. We played the Frozen soundtrack on repeat (will it ever get old?!), the kids danced and played dress-up (mostly fairies, although we had a couple superheroes too), and then we played pass-the-parcel. The kids ate dinner, followed by a dance party, and then we had icecream cake from Ruby Violet! It was so fun! Even I was dressed as a flower fairy with a crown and a tutu (I will spare you the photos).

The lovely Charlotte from The Carousel Show got in touch before Ivy’s birthday. When I told her Ivy wanted a Flower Fairy themed party, she told me she had the perfect decorations and tableware for the party. She generously sent over a boxed set containing everything I needed for the party: plates, cups, straws, napkins, confetti, balloons, candies, baggies for the goody bags, etc. Literally everything I needed! Even cute toys like fairy gliders and fairy wands. It was SO nice to have everything sorted for the party; all I had to do was set it all up (which is the fun part!). I’ve decided that ordering party kits is the way of the future!!

Thank you Charlotte for the pretty party! Ivy was a happy girl!

xx Courtney

p.s. Remember Ivy’s Fairy Princess party last year? I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since then!


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May 15, 2014

How sweet! Ivy looks beautiful as a flower fairy! Parties in a box — genius!

Happy Birthday, Ivy!

Maria xx

May 15, 2014

I love how pretty looked the table and all the buntings in the kitchen. In our family the kitchen it’s a lived room as well. Can I ask which model of the Tsé Tsé Vase d’avril do you have? I think I fall in love since I saw in your feed on instagram and even it’s a little bit expensive in my opinion, it would be a good choise and investment for home. Thanks! Xx

Courtney in London
May 15, 2014

Hi Belén,
Thanks for the nice comment.
When I bought the Tsé Tsé vase, I don’t remember there being other sizes or models. But since, I have seen one that is bigger than the one we have, so I think I must have the smaller version? I’m not entirely sure what the options are! (But we love the vase – I use it all the time!) xx

May 15, 2014

Yes, there are three sizes, one with 10cm large tubes and 55cm longer or 15cm large tubes and 77cm long. The other one is bigger. Thank you Courtney for help me!

Courtney in London
May 15, 2014

I just measured! My tubes are 15cm tall! I don’t know how long it is because it’s all scrunched up and holding flowers, so I can’t stretch it out. But hopefully this information is helpful? We must have the medium sized one then? xx

Fee McNamara
May 15, 2014

What a lovely birthday crown – my daughter’s 4th birthday is coming up and she would love this, where did you find it?

Emma Soames
May 15, 2014

Lovely party and so tastefully done. Carousel Show served you well. I do want to say though as a big fan of this blog, it gets really tiresome and frustrating to keep hearing about the freebies you get when you are in essence, advertising the goods for us to spend the money on. I feel that it would balance things somewhat if you ever talked about having to actually spend money on these items. I appreciate it’s a perk of the job but are you able to see how it may come across time after time?
I am not trying to be rude. I wanted to be honest because this post especially just feels like a ‘I got a free birthday party’ but this is how you must pay for it to have the same thing. It’s not just you, majority of bloggers do it but I think there will be a backlash soon in how much mums can take of hearing about them.

Thank you.

Courtney in London
May 15, 2014

Hi Emma,
Thank you so much for leaving a comment and feeling brave enough to voice these thoughts. I agree, it cane seem really annoying that bloggers are given lots of freebies in return for a blog review. Often, it can feel very disingenuous.
I wanted to just say a few things in defence of how we blog here on Babyccino Kids…
First, I just wanted to mention that there were many things about this party I bought myself (the cupcake toppers, the little bird, the helium balloons, the bunting, the floral fairy crowns the girls are wearing, etc. And a lot of thought went into buying each of these little things to add to Ivy’s party and the overall decor. But… I think it would be in bad taste to mention all the things I did buy.
Instead, I tried to mention that I was given some party decorations from The Carousel Show because I wanted to be honest and upfront about it, so that you can (hopefully) see that I’m not trying to hide anything. The post was written genuinely and honestly. I will certainly buy a party kit from The Carousel Show for our next party. Definitely!
While we are sometimes given freebies, we have a policy of only ever writing about things we have personally tried and tested and really genuinely love (sometimes these are freebies, and sometimes these are things we have actually bought ourselves!) Also, we don’t just write about anything we are sent, only things we love, and I hope this policy comes across in our blog posts…. so that you can really trust that what we write about is really truly great!
Lastly, in defence of bloggers, receiving freebies is a wonderful perk of the job. Many bloggers work really hard and spend countless hours each week preparing, photographing and writing our next blog posts. The research we do benefits our readers and (hopefully) is both helpful and enjoyable to read. It’s also not a very well-paid job. The only money we earn as bloggers is the money we make from sponsors, which is often not very much. So, to receive a party box for your child’s birthday or a free outfit for your child is really nice and financially beneficial.
Anyway, I hope I’ve offered a different point of view and don’t come across as being overly defensive and on a rant. I really do appreciate your feedback, and will, I’m sure, continue to think about what you’ve said.
Warmest regards,
Courtney x

May 15, 2014

Gorgeously pretty! Did something very similar for my daughters 5th birthday this year….although it was early February, so not quite as spring like! Can I ask whether the sweet pink cutlery is plastic or cardboard – I have seen plain cardboard cutlery before, but never coloured? Would be lovely for summer picnics this year.

May 15, 2014

This is so beautiful. The Carousel Show is a great resource for pretty tableware and decorations, and you’ve made it all look so lovely! But please post a photo of you as a flower fairy!!!

May 15, 2014

Oh my gosh Tila turned 5 at the beginning of the month as well and we had to count down too and the Frozen was on repeat for the whole day as well – and then for the next 5 days. So funny
Happy birthday beautiful girl!

May 15, 2014

this is so great! thanks for sharing. do you know of a similar company in the us?

May 15, 2014

Esther and you are amazing planning birthday parties!! I wish I’ve been there!

May 15, 2014

You did a beautiful job Courtney!! We have the same tradition of morning gifts and I’ve come to treasure those sweet moments so much :).

May 16, 2014

It is adorable! Happy birthday to Ivy. We our on our own ‘countdown’ too for my daughter’s 6th birthday and Frozen has definitely been a hit in this house. It must be a girl thing!

May 17, 2014

LOVE Ivy’s felt crown. Did you make it or is it available to buy?

Courtney in London
May 17, 2014

We bought the crown years ago from a cute shop in Belgium. I think they were made by a local designer (but it doesn’t have a label on the crown). I don’t think it would be too difficult to replicate if you have a sewing machine… (We love it and use it for every birthday — you can stick a different number into the plastic sleeve on the front!) xx

Fee McNamara
May 17, 2014

Really sorry to ask again but my time to order things ahead of our “number 4” party is running out and I would love to get a little party crown like this rather than a frozen tiara for my little birthday girl – is it available in the UK? Thanks again x

Courtney in London
May 17, 2014

Hi Fee,
See my comment above.
Unfortunately, we bought it ages ago from a little shop in Antwerp! x

May 19, 2014

Hi Courtney,
Ivy’s birthday decorations look lovely. I particularly like the flower cupcake decorations. Would you be able to tell me where you got them?


June 6, 2014

What a great looking birthday! Love this!

Nella Longo
June 20, 2014

Hi Courtney, wondering what happened to your beautiful Instagam account and hope it comes back on line. Thanks (from Canada) for sharing your world. Hope it wasn’t anything like a copy right issue. Best, Nella

July 1, 2014

What a beautiful party, the arrangements of your flowers are so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

March 11, 2017

Hi Courtney, FYI pressing the links sends you to some rather suspicious looking websites! 😧

Courtney in Australia
March 12, 2017

Oh my gosh, that is terrible!!! Thank you for letting me know. The website must have been shut down and replaced by this terrible site. I will remove the links now! I’m so sorry about that. x

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