Louis le Sec, adorable and waterproof bed sheets

April 24, 2014

Sophie Remy, a mother of 3 children, developed Louis Le Sec — a classy range of bed linen that doesn’t only look adorable, but is also very functional. All children (and some longer than others), go through phases where nightly disasters are more likely to occur. During potty training, or when suffering from childhood illnesses, or simply when thirsty and helping themselves clumsily to a drink!

Louis Le Sec offers a waterproof, soundless and breathable protection that keeps your child’s bedding safe and dry and makes wet and dirty sheets easier to deal with. (And that’s a bonus in the middle of the night!) It is made from polyurethane, an organic molecule widely used in the medical world, which breathes, is elastic and extensible, absorbs liquids and also provides a cooling effect. It allows vapor molecules to pass but not large water molecules. So it is not only an extremely useful protection against liquids, but also a handy barrier against dust mites — perfect in case of allergies!

Colours and patterns of the bedding are really darling — unisex and simple, they would look lovely in any interior!

xxx Esther

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April 24, 2014

Thanks for sharing Esther. Just what we need now that Florence is nappy training at night times!! x

April 25, 2014

Perfect! Need to try them out!!!

Emilie in Paris
April 25, 2014

Love these! Seriously wish I had some when my kids needed them!

June 29, 2014

i wish i had them on my bed, at least these could definitely save me from my messy kids. lolz

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