Mormor, gorgeous, hand-knit clothing

Mormor is a Danish company with a collection of hand knit products that I adore. The concept behind Mormor is wonderful: to pass on the knowledge and skills that many elderly women possess. Mormor currently has a team of over 130 women who are passionately knitting sweet and fashionable designs for a younger generation. I love this thought!

I often think that if I lived 100 years ago, the ability to knit, sew and embroider would not just be a hobby, it would be a necessity. If one couldn’t knit, one would freeze! Quilts and patchwork blankets were not just for decoration, they were meant to keep the family warm and cosy after the fire went out. And embroidery was used to label bedlinen and restore holes. I love that Nina, the creative owner of Mormor, explores these thoughts and skills and used them to set up her succesfull business.

Mormor designs are fashionable yet timeless. See above Ava wearing the darling Ivar cardigan, and Casper sporting sweater Dan. Pieces are designed in a way they can be worn for years (you can fold the sleeves the first year), and then passed on to siblings or friends. The materials used are 100% natural and of high quality, like alpaca and merino wool, and they are very strong and durable. But most of all, I love the fact that these items are all handmade by master knitters, who knit with love for this younger generation.

xxx Esther


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March 29, 2014

Love this hand knit products. Reminds me the sweaters and scarfs my grand-mother knitted when we were children. I kept some for my daughters as well. This hand made pieces makes the difference and represents something unique. Congrats for the post and welcome to this brand and concept. Love it.

September 9, 2015


Has the Mormor company closed down as i cannot find their website?

Much appreciated.


Esther in Amsterdam
September 10, 2015

I have the same problem! I think this must be a temporary problem — maybe check back in a few days? (I sent an email to the company as well, hopefully it’s just a glitch!) x

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