NAÏF care, skincare for babies

Naïf Babycare is a new line of baby skincare products that was started by two young and cute Dutch dads, Jochem and Sjoerd. See above how very Dutch they are, with their bakfiets!
After their first babies were born, they discovered a huge gap in the market: a high quality range of pure, natural skincare products which is safe and nurturing for baby’s sensitive skin. So they quit their (high profile!) jobs, worked very hard with a Swiss laboratory, dermatologists, and basically every baby skincare expert they could find, and developed a beautiful line of products. Using only nature’s best ingredients, and formulated to perfection, of course!

Casper and I have been trying out some of the Naïf products and we really love them! The shampoo is wonderful to use, so soft and gentle. The nurturing cream is great too, it’s our number one cream for dry cheeks, but our favourite Naïf product must be the massage oil. It is just the right kind of oil — in between oily and dry, very soothing, with a lovely scent. Just perfect!

xxx Esther


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March 18, 2014

Oh Casper, sweet boy… you are so adorable!!! Just saying… that smile!!!

March 20, 2014

What a smile!! 🙂

I love natural cosmetics and since I have very sensitive skin I’m always trying baby/children products cause they are supposed to be more gentle (I love Green People’s Nappy cream baby balm, best remedy for dermatitis ever) so I will try the nurturing cream and the oil soon!

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