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With two very nearsighted parents, it is not so much the question of if, but when one of our children will need their first pair of glasses. I still remember when I was ‘diagnosed’ for nearsightedness by the school nurse at the age of 11, and being so sad and angry about the fact that she told me I had to start wearing glasses… (At the time, glasses were definitely not cool, and I already had braces to complete the look.) I also remember the revelation when I put my first pair of glasses on my nose — wow! I could see!
Thankfully, nowadays glasses and the nerdy look are glamorous and chic, and there are wonderful choices available for little children as well: enter Jonas Paul eyewear.

Cute NY based couple Ben and Laura Harrison launched Jonas Paul Eyewear soon after their son, Jonas Paul, was born with a rare visual impairment. Unable to find suitable and stylish eyewear for Jonas, Ben started started designing his own line of frames, trying to bridge the gap between adult and children’s styles. And he has succeeded so well! I love the darling styles of the frames, both of the prescription frames as the sunglasses. I couldn’t help ordering the Ruth sunglasses for Sara. Sooo cute!

And when the moment comes that my kids need glasses, thankfully there is nothing to feel sad about anymore. Yay!

xxx Esther


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March 12, 2014

Hahaha I definitely can remember the day I was told I should wear glasses… I was really sad and angry too, and I told my parents that I was not going to wear them. I was 13 and I really hated glasses. Luckily, today I can manage without them most of the time (but I have to wear them for driving, reading, tv/cinema, computer…) but I would love to wear any of Jonas Paul Eyewear glasses myself (I’m 22… maybe they don’t fit…)

March 12, 2014

Thanks so much for this generous feature, Babyccino Kids! We love to share our vision with others, and we’re so glad it inspires you too!

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