Little Fashion Week, a new fair in Brussels

Last Saturday, Emilie and I spent a day in Brussels to visit the new children’s fair Little Fashion Week. What a fun opportunity to hang out together, and to visit the pretty town of Brussels!

The fair took place in the industrial buildings of Tour et Taxis — a stunning location. The decoration of the fair was also very beautiful. The lounge was decorated with tons of little playhouses, piles on bright coloured pallades and surrounded with gorgeous stuffed animals and toys. So stylish! (We also liked the burger from the Mi Vida food truck!)

It was fun spending the day at Little Fashion Week, getting up to date with brands and collections, and some discovering new shops and brands. And catching up with our blogging friends Florence from Pirouette and Peggy from Paul&Paula.

Here’s a little impression of our day…

Les Toiles Blanches – modern toys and accessories, made from antique fabrics and traditional embroidery details that gives everything a darling vintage touch.

Fun to see Dimitra and her Little PopUp again, with a new selection of gorgeous, upcoming brands.

Lapin and Me – we love those beautiful retro dolls! And the Misha Lulu dresses, of course.

La p’tite Madeleine – wonderful vintage finds mixed with sweet new designs and details.

Boramiri – a stunning collection of soft toys. There is just so much emotion on those faces! We loved meeting the cute designer Bora too (and her sweet little baby).

Duez – always fun to see the Deuz girls! Their play tent is darling and we loved the idea of the match doll’s tent, which will be in store soon. (Did you see our review of the fun mix & match drawing books?)

Soki – a graphic design agency with examples of some of the finest birth and wedding announcements we’ve ever seen. Plus, a stunning line of jewellery.

Georges Georges – Little series of handmade creations. How cool are those teepees?

Severina Kids – darling collections of soft toys, and fun to see Alejandra and some of her new work. Those two knitted dogs are just amazing! And the dress-your-own-doll is so sweet too.

Cotton and Milk is back with a new collection! Gorgeous colours, and sweet designs.

Maravilla – Gorgeous designs and colours!

Maria Piovano – a new brand from Italy, with a darling collection made of… tea towel fabric! We especially loved the sweet skirts and dresses.

LeaL – light boxes by the lovely Florence from Pirouette blog. More about her new collection of lights coming soon!

Louis le Sec – innovative waterproof bed sheets. So practical and stylish!

Mes Minis Muses – so nice to meet the girls behind this cute French brand. The Peter Pan collars are just darling!

Meeting the wonderful creator of little Nina and Other Little Things in person and discovering her range of darling products was a highlight of the show. What a sweet and inspiring lady!

Teeny Tini showed her wonderful soft creatures – how sweet is that snake?

Copirates – a wonderful discovery. Amazing world maps, bleached on re-used jeans, patchwork jeans blankets, cool checks and other eclectic designs by the duo based in Nimes, the place that denim originates from. So cool!

Boucle d’Or – what a gorgeous collection of brands! If you’re in Brussels, you should definitely try to visit this beautiful brick & mortar boutique.

Stunning, the papier maché heads by Marie Talalaeff!

Bieq – darling merino wool knit collections, and we loved hearing about the adventures in Peru, and to see the first knit product in Alpaca wool!

Minabulle – lovely to meet Emilie and see her new AW collections. So beautiful! (And nice shoes!)

Beautiful organic clothing from Paade Mode, a fashion brand from Latvia – we  liked that cool headband / necklace accessory!

It was wonderful to meet the talented Tamar Mogendorff and see some of her beautiful work.

Gorgeous stand from the stylish Brussels boutique Pepin la Lune.

The stand of Editions Grain de Selles, with Georges Magazine was so super stylish, and how beautiful are those ceramic pieces?

Beautiful bedding from Krethaus.

Perludi – amazing to see this line of furniture in real. It is just so pretty and simple, but at the same time so ingenious! Plus, all made of organic and recyclable materials.

After the fair, Emilie and I drove past the most beautiful fabrics store of Belgium, and of course we couldn’t help ourselves and stepped in for a little browse. Le Chien Vert is an amazing store!

And then… it was time for a nice Belgian beer. Cheers!

xxx Esther


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March 9, 2014

It was nice to meet you too!! (and thanks for my shoes ^^)

March 9, 2014

Oh my all that goodness…. I think I kind of love what you do for work!!!

March 10, 2014

Thank you very much and we’re happy to meet you <3

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