An 8th birthday party with a cooking theme

It was Pim’s 7th birthday last Monday so I’m planning a little birthday party for him, and I realised that I never posted about the cooking party we had for Sara’s birthday last year!

Sara has enjoyed food since she was a baby, and she loves helping me in the kitchen. So it was no surprise when she asked for a cooking party for her 8th birthday! She invited 8 of her girl friends, and like always, party preparations took place the day before the party (let’s just say, I’m at my best the very last minute).

I bought a huge pile of cheap, unbleached cotton at the market, and together with my mother-in-law sewed 11 aprons out of it (of course Pim and Ava were invited too). I also bought cutting boards, knives, notebooks and pencils. I made a triangular stamp out of a simple eraser, and decorated everything with triangles. I also stamped the children’s names on all of the items.

We set the table with the different veggies and toppings needed for the healthy Vietnamese Style Rice Paper Rolls I blogged about earlier. The children loved cutting everything on their own cutting boards, and writing down the ingredients and recipe in their little notebook. And even very picky eaters found ingredients on the table that they loved!

Afterwards, the notebooks and pencils came in handy for the treasure hunt we had organised in the neighbourhood. And of course, they could all take home a little party bag with the items we had made for them. It was a really fun party!

xxx Esther


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Berlin Kangaroo
February 28, 2014

Gorgeous Idea Esther!
I’m curious as to what type of ink you used to stamp everything – aprons, boards and knives would all want a wash, did the ink you chose survive washing ??
x Emilie

Esther in Amsterdam
March 3, 2014

Hi Emilie, that’s actually a great question — I used a stamp pad that was supposed to work on paper, fabric, wood, etc. And it turned out perfect for the wooden cutting board and knives (and the paper booklet of course), but it wasn’t good for the fabric in the end. After washing the aprons the decoration mostly disappeared! So for the fabric, I would suggest you use special fabric paint, like I used for the apple tote bags: (which I’ve washed a couple of times now and stays on really well). x

February 28, 2014

Wow. Amazing idea. I’m sure the kids had a really good time and it will be hard for them to not remember Pim’s Birthday party. Congrats!
from Spain, Maria. x

February 28, 2014

wat verzin je toch leuke dingen … altijd!!! ben al nieuwsgierig naar het thema voor Pim!!!

March 1, 2014

What a wonderful idea for a birthday party. Love all the personalized items. Nice job, mama!

March 1, 2014

Absolutely amazing you are!!!!!!

April 1, 2015

[…] admit that I was a bit at a loss what to do with this theme. I mean, a strawberry high tea, a cooking party, or a disco party — I didn’t have to think long with coming up with some fun […]

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