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Rosie Revere, engineer

My kids (and I) love the book Iggy Peck, architect, so when Andrea Beaty wrote a sequence called Rosie Revere, engineer, expectations in our household were high. And Rosie did not disappoint! The main character, Rosie Revere, dreams of becoming an engineer, but is very insecure and practises her skills in secret in the attic. Until one day her great, great aunt Rose comes for a visit, a clever lady who used to build airplanes a long time ago. Together, they overcome Rosie’s insecurities…

Like Iggy Peck, architect, Rosie Revere, engineer is written in a fast-paced rhyme scheme, and is beautifully illustrated by David Roberts.

xxx Esther


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February 24, 2014

That’s a coincidence, one of my daughter’s presents for her birthday today was this fantastic book, we also already love Iggy Peck Architect and think Rosie Revere is fantastic.

Courtney in London
February 24, 2014

Oooh we LOVE Iggy Peck Architect! And I didn’t know she had a new one. I’m sure we’ll love this one too. Thanks for sharing! xx

February 27, 2014

can i ask for what age is this recommended?

Esther in Amsterdam
February 27, 2014

Hi Lisa, I would say 4+. But younger children do appreciate the cute =drawings and the rhyme scheme. xxx Esther

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