Stitch ‘n kids: felt hand puppets

A few weeks ago I made these owl hand puppets with my kids, which was such a fun project that I thought I should share.

First, we designed the owl on paper. Then, we cut out the different shapes of felt, first the shape of the body (twice), then the details like the eyes, the ears and the wings. With blankets stitch and straight stitch we sewed the different details on to the body, and then we used the sewing machine to sew the two sides of the body together (leaving the bottom open as to create a hand puppet).

Pim, who is nearly seven years old, designed his own owl and cut out all of the different pieces of felt. He needed a bit of help with the hand stitching, although it was a good exercise and he was definitely getting the hang of it. I did the machine sewing part for him, but I would like to sit down with him soon and introduce him to machine sewing.

Sara, who is eight years old, is now skilled enough with needlework and the technicalities of her sewing machine, that except from making sure the ends of the thread were properly secured with the hand-stitching part, she could work completely independently. I loved how she discovered she could used the decorative stitch on her sewing machine to make feather details!

Ava, who is only three, chose her colours felt, and which buttons she should use for the eyes. And even though I pretty much did the rest for her, she still felt as if she had made her own owl.

It was such a fun and easy project for different ages!

xxx Esther


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Stacy Ragueneau
February 20, 2014

oh my god i just clicked on the stitch n kids “you may also like ” vignette! Sara has grown so much !! She looks still like a little girl in those sweet photos, and soooo much like Ava; She is such a pretty”young lady” now. It has only been ONE year since those photos?! What a reality check. My 5 1/2 year old is still so little, but I start to see the signs of a change…

Esther in Amsterdam
February 25, 2014

Hi Stacy, I think that photo was taken nearly two years ago. But Yes! She has grown so much. Between the age 6 and 8 it seems that children really loose their baby features completely (those chubby cheeks!)… x

March 29, 2014

Aaaaah, I love these. I have recently started a kids sewing series on my blog and would love to use this as an idea. So love their drawings too!! x

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