Merino wool baby basics from Asolon

Designer and seamstress, Allison Tovey, from Asolon recently got in touch to introduce her collection of merino wool baby basics, and I’m so glad she did. In fact I wish I would have known about her collection when Marlow was a little baby because I love putting babies in sleepsuits – I think it’s the perfect little outfit for newborns (so snuggly and also so easy to change nappies!) – and I love the sleepsuits in her collection.

She recently sent Marlow a stripy top with matching bottoms and it’s so cute and cosy (and so easy to wash and maintain compared to other merino wool products).

Also, it wasn’t until I sat down to write this post that I read about her incredible story. And now I’m super inspired as well as impressed!

x Courtney


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February 13, 2014

I never had a sleep suit but I love these! And is the fold-over hand genius or what?

Esther in Amsterdam
February 13, 2014

I love Marlow’s look on this photo — Wassup?? x

February 13, 2014

Oh thank you for this post – my daughter’s room is terribly cold at night and toddler duvets are so thin. I’m sure she’s waking a lot because she’s cold so I’m looking for very warm PJs – these look fantastic. In fact I might just check your previous PJ posts for more options! Flannel is v warm also and I just got some lovely woollen ones on sale from Brora (fantastic kids sale!) but def need more than 1 pair!

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