Playtime Paris 2014 — a recap in photos

We were organised this year and got to Playtime bright and early on the Sunday. We figured we would finally be able to see everything, take our time and not feel rushed. But nope. We have decided that no matter how much time you give yourself at Playtime, you will never be able to see it all. There are too many great brands packed into one place! We wish we could write about everything we saw and all the discoveries we made, but that too would be an impossible task. So here is our re-cap in photos (and very brief notes!):

1. MorMor – love the spotty jumpers and the bright coloured leggings!
2. Waddler – always a favourite – love the pastel colours and fun stars
3. Velveteen – a pretty collection
4. Motoreta – a great new discovery (more later!)
5. Veja – we love their trainers!

1. Sans Souci – a cool table/desk/dollhouse !
2. Nathalie Verlinden – the prettiest shoes, always
3. Indikidual – funky, colourful, and still featuring the banana print – yay!
4. HBB Industria Argentina – beautiful knitwear from Argentina (a standout for sure!)
5. Tinycottons – we loved their booth and all the little pops of neon

1. Bang Bang Kid – giant-sized cowboys & indians! they were the talk of the show!
2 & 3. Tootsa MacGinty – the little animals peeking their heads out of the back pockets of the trousers. too cute!
4. Elfie – we loved the little spider crawling down the shoulder of the cardigan!
5. Corby Tindersticks – quirky and cool

1 & 2. As We Grow – beautiful knitwear from Iceland featuring such nice colours
3. Little Cabari – so fun to see their gorgeous rugs in real life!
4. Hilda Henri – beautiful Austrian children’s clothing made from boiled wool
5. Everbloom – colourful accessories, clothing and new rabbit dolls

1. Milibe Copenhagen – stylish, comfortable, easy to wear. (they even make sweat pants look stylish!)
2. Miller – as effortlessly stylish as always
3. Elfie
4. Bob & Blossom – so many fun stripes and colourful tees
5. Macarons – we were so impressed by their new rain coat with detachable insert. they even demonstrated the waterproof quality by pouring water all over the fabric, and it’s amazing how well it works!

1. Boys & Girls – casual wear that’s colourful, bold and fun!
2. HBB Industria Argentina
3. Penfield – a new line for children that’s as stylish and functional as their adult collection
4. Esther and Emilie checking out all the brands in the press office
5. Apünktchen – new funky striped tees
6. Gro – we love the little badminton birdie print. So cute!

1. April Eleven – we loved the hanging indoor swing
2. Tattyoo – so many fun tattoos!
3. Bla Bla Monkey – fun colours and graphics
4. Sweetcase – such pretty products, such a cool concept!
5. Ketiketa – pretty, block-printed designs on clothing, bed linen and accessories
6. Chapter Two – a new brand run by husband and wife team, offering beautiful, handmade shoes & belts (more later!)


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