O Clock Watches

Esther and I are in sync with our parenting! She and I both just gave our 8-year-olds a watch, both completely unaware (until now) that our kids would be able to tell the time! We were laughing on the phone the other day about how if our eldest kids were our only children, they would have had a watch and surely would have learned to tell the time by age 6! But… when you have four children you sometimes forget or simply overlook each child’s needs and abilities. I suppose that’s a downside to having several children.  Anyway, my 8-year-old learned to tell the time super quickly and loves his watch — he told me it was his favourite gift this Christmas! I think I’ll also buy my 6-year-old the same one… and I’m sure he’ll also learn to tell the time really quickly (at least I will have been on top of things with one of my children!).

Anyway, I wanted to share the watch I bought for him:  it’s the O Clock Watch by Fullspot. The bands are made of stretchy silicone and just slip over the hand (no buckle necessary). They come in a bunch of fun colours and you can interchange the straps and faces if your child would like a different colour at some point (the straps and faces are sold separately).

I got the watch from Little Hanbury which is a super cool shop specialising in clothes & accessories for boys!

x Courtney


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January 20, 2014

They look fab. I would be scared the watch face falls out….is it squeezed in fairly tightly?

Courtney in London
January 20, 2014

Hi Catherine,
My son wears his watch every day (and he is a very active boy) and he’s never had any problems with the face coming out. So I wouldn’t think that’s a concern. x

January 20, 2014

Ok thanks! Both the ones you and Esther picked are stylish and fun. How to choose!?

January 21, 2014

I learned to tell the time when I was… 5!! And my parents almost regret it cause I was all the day telling the time and being incredibly annoying “we’re late to school” as Esther also commented about Sara! ha ha! Those watches are simply beautiful.

January 21, 2014

I have just been looking at these for my son who is turning seven, they are so fab. x

January 23, 2014

Gorgeous – I’m going to get one for my 7 year old who is just learning to tell the time at the moment. Spoilt for choice on colours! Did you go for the x/s or small size?

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