Cuddling rabbits from the Polka Dot Club

Esther and I met Jennifer Murphy from the Polka Dot Club last year in NYC and fell in love with her handmade bears. We both ordered one for our children and I have since bought a couple bears as special gifts for new babies. I am an enormous fan of her work – everything she does seems to be done with such perfection, patience and care. If you hold one of her bears in your hand, you can hardly put the thing down. It’s like they’re made with magic or something!!

Jen has recently started making cuddling rabbits, and I’m thinking about ordering a couple for the girls. Easter presents maybe …if I can wait that long! Aren’t they so cute?

x Courtney


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January 15, 2014

They are one of a kind we have one! But be careful Courtney – you’ll want more once you get the first one! And don’t even get me started on the packaging! Jennifer truly makes magic!

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