Cappies and Lanas

How cute and original are these trousers and skirts from Portuguese brand Cappies and Lanas? I love how the Cappies (the cool harem trousers) and Lanas (the cute little skirts) are all so unique in their appearance, and how they are specifically designed to be super comfortable with a lot of room to play and move around.

They are handmade from traditional ‘Capulanas’ — the term used to describe the rich and colourful patterned fabrics that Mozambican women use to cover their head and body and carry their babies. Patrícia’s husband Andre started to bring back these beautiful fabrics from his travels to Mozambique, and Patrícia started to make them into sweet clothes for her baby boy, Manuel. Pretty soon, she was making them for her friends’ children as well, and Cappies and Lanas was born.

xxx Esther


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