Snuggly Ugly handmade monsters

Snuggly Ugly is a Brooklyn-based brand run by a super sweet husband and wife team. Their handmade monsters are, as the name suggests, exquisitely snuggly (made from up-cycled cashmere jumpers) and ugly (in the cutest way, of course!). Each of their sweet little creations is one-of-a-kind and handmade in their studio in Brooklyn.

Indira from Snuggly Ugly sent one of the mostritos for Marlow, and she absolutely loves it. She loves the little pocket detail on the front, and is constantly trying to stick things inside it. And there is something about the quirky googly eyes and crooked smile that really appeals to babies.  So sweet!

x Courtney


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Sofia Costa Almeida
December 8, 2013

Hi Courtney,

I’m Sofia, from portugal, assiduous reader and I was wonder if you have any -gift for him- ideas or new clothes from him labels! thank you so much

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