Friendship Book from Pleased to Meet

Tila got her first Friendship Book to fill out last week from one of her girlfriends in kindergarten and you should have seen how proud she was first to receive it and then when she gave it back with all the information about her and the drawing she made and she even got to glue in a picture of herself! It was all she talked about for days.

I had one when I was little too so it is definitely something she needs to have as well, to remember her little friends when she gets older. And being a family that never knows when and where we’re going to move it’s even that much more important to keep those kinds of mementos.

I found just the perfect one not that far away – in Germany. Isn’t it gorgeous with its linen and silver stamped covers? And that sweet pompom bookmark? I was immediately sold.

Pleased to Meet is a sweet little online boutique full of stationery goodies founded by a German couple Daniela and Marcel who actually met in New York. They give a great deal of attention to important details like using only finest ecologically sound paper and a guarantee on high standard local production and hand assembly of products.

My eyes are set on much, much more than just this gorgeous Friendship Book for Tila (which by the way comes in English and German) but I think it would take too much space to share it here. I can only say I’m glad that holidays are just around the corner.


To read more from Polona, go to her cute blog Baby Jungle!


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Esther in Amsterdam
November 27, 2013

Ho cute is this?? I love those graphics!!! x

November 27, 2013

Right Esther? I knew you’ll love them! And they look and feel so so good in person! Love the paper! I am hooked!

Courtney in London
November 27, 2013

Oh these are sooooo cute! Friendship books are a new concept to me. We never had these before, but I think it’s such a cute idea. Maybe a new tradition to start with my kids?! xx

November 27, 2013

You haven’t had them when you were a kid? That’s interesting – I thought we all did 🙂 We all had them in Slovenia. Even my dad still has his and you should see how the drawings change with time… One of his teachers drew him a picture with a graphic pen!

November 27, 2013

Mooi! Beautiful! I was wondering if you know a good place/site where you can buy a “poezie (poesie) album”?!

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