Ninetonine 3D still life sets

Ninetonine believes that the smallest members of the family should grow up surrounded by original and high-quality design. And so their boutique is absolutely suffed with the most beautiful and sustainable design toys, furniture and decor, sourced from all over Europe, and some designed and manufactured by their own in-house design team.

Pim and Sara were playing with My First Sculpt Toy and My First Still Live this past Sunday morning, a Ninetonine do-it-yourself 3 dimensional sculpting kit designed to stimulate imagination and creativity. They loved the exercise, and it was nice to spend a bit of time discussing art, and in particular 3-dimensional art and sculpting.

Next step will be painting their pieces of art, personalising their creations and making them unique. A fun project for all ages, and I love the fact that they come flat in an envelop at a very respectable price — lovely and original presents to send pop in the post for any occasion.

xxx Esther

PS Ninetonine is one of the awesome shops presented at the ShopUp, showcasing their gorgeous collection! Can’t wait to see their presentation — I’m sure it will be fantastic!


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