Got to love Misha Lulu!

Ava started school a few months ago, so she’s wearing a school uniform most days. But Wednesdays she’s still home with me, and she always requests to wear her Misha Lulu for Hello Kitty outfit on those days. And I totally understand — they are so cute!

Wednesday morning she was playing across the table from me, and I secretly took a few photos of her because she looked so super cute! Hope you don’t mind me sharing them with you today…

Happy weekend!

xxx Esther

PS I found a big selection of the Misha Lulu for Hello Kitty collection online here. All so cute!
PPS Cute cat hat from MondaysMilk


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November 23, 2013

Darling! May I ask where the Peter Pan collar is from?

Esther in Amsterdam
November 25, 2013

Lauren, the collar is part of the Misha Lulu T-shirt! Too cute! x

Courtney in London
November 23, 2013

I could just eat her up!!!! xx

November 25, 2013

She’s so cute! Those eyes…

November 26, 2013

She is so cute and adorable. Just beautiful eyes….xoxoxo

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