Unique children’s room accessories from Boramiri

Pinterest is a dangerous, dangerous place. I can spend hours up there. Literally. I always promise myself to stop as soon as I find the thing I’m looking for but I end up with about 20+ new bookmarks. At least! And consequently with a thinner wallet as well.

This is how I also found this darling French boutique Boramiri started by Bora Lee, an illustrator and graphic designer from Paris with Korean origins. Inspired by both worlds she decided to combine them by using French fabrics and Korean design and the outcome is one outrageously cute collection of ragdolls and room accessories for kids and babies. I think we need the cat pouf in our lives!


To read more from Polona, go to her cute blog Baby Jungle!


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Courtney in London
November 12, 2013

I love this Polona! The moon and star mobile! And the cat pouf! Everything!! Thanks for sharing with us. x

November 13, 2013

Yes, I suspect you found it on my pinboards, I posted it last week. A great find, and I’m pleased to see word getting round. Boramiri will be exhibiting at Little Fashion Week in Brussels next Feb – one to watch out for.

November 13, 2013

Oh yes, I think it really was really from your board Deborah! I’m so sorry for not mentioning that. I saved the site under my bookmarks too fast without writing down the source first and then I simply forgot even though I honestly tried hard to remember. Sorry again 🙁

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