Mango – for Kids

I am a high street fashion chick at heart and not a lot of things make me as happy as a high street bargain (have you seen the HM Isabel Marant collection?). This is why I am always happy when a high street label starts doing kids clothes. Not many have done it as well as Zara, but Zara’s biggest rival Mango might be a close contender. Sure, not every design is perfect, but I love the cute little skirts, little dresses and jackets.

Perfect for the winter, especially as my girls seem to be going through a serious growth spurt and I think they might be my height way too soon!

– Emilie


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October 21, 2013

I tried with a few pieces and now I think I’ve just made my 3rd order now! Great quality at very affordable prices! And the designs and colours are amazing!

October 22, 2013

the cutest stuff! but they don’t ship to the US ;( …. guess i’ll be asking our family in sweden to forward my orders!? regardless, it’s very cute eyecandy. thanks for sharing!! xo . rae

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