Foldie, the interactive t-shirt

I hardly ever buy my kids graphic tees. I’m sure at some point, when they’re rebellious teenagers, they will completely challenge my simple, classic style and choose to wear only crazy graphic tees with weird slogans! But for now, while I still have control over the matter, I tend to only buy simple, solid tees in neutral colours. (Boring, I know.)

But… I actually think these Foldie tees are quite cool! What an innovative idea. (Just watch the video here – how neat is that?!)

Helga, the designer, recently sent a couple tees for my boys, and we all spent time folding and unfolding them. The boys thought the tees were so cool (my poor, deprived children). And I think they might have also learned how to fold their t-shirts. Bonus!

x Courtney


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October 25, 2013

This is genius! I am still trying to teach my 8 yr old son and it’s quite useless. These T shirts are so cool that I am sure he’ll do the folding just for the fun of it. A must try on my list, thanks!

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