Beautiful, retro fashion from Marmalade & Mash

I recently picked up this adorable dress (pictured above) for Ivy, and I just love it.  In fact, it might be my favourite thing in her closet right now!! It’s the perfect mix of classic and contemporary, retro and modern. It’s also super easy to wear with a loose-fitting shape, and pockets too (which Ivy loves).

I’m loving the entire Marmalade & Mash collection. Lots of fun checked shirts and bright-coloured trousers, both for boys and girls. Have a browse of the new collection — isn’t it great?!

x Courtney


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October 9, 2013

Gorgeous!! I just ordered one for my daughter. Love your posts Courtney…. x

October 9, 2013

I love the dress! Where are the gorgeous shoes from, Courtney?

Also, I have an idea for a future post, if I may. A lot of people, including myself, that follow you on IG, love how your children are dressed. I have 5-year old twin boys, personally. How about a blog post on the essential clothes that you have for your children each season? “What’s in their closets?”- type of a post. Do you said Easton’s clothes for Quinn? And Ivy’s for Marlow? What about the shoes?

Just a thought, Courtney…Thank you… Esther

Courtney in London
October 10, 2013

Hi Esther,
Thanks for the recommendation for the post idea. It’s a good one! It just requires a bit more work, listing all my favourite brands, etc.

Like you said, I definitely pass on Easton’s clothes to Quin, and all of Ivy’s old clothes are now being worn by Marlow. (Which means that I usually only buy clothes for Easton and Ivy!)

And the shoes Ivy is wearing are by Pom Pom and are from Niddle Noddle: (and coincidentally, they were Quin’s shoes which have been passed down to Ivy!) 🙂 xxx

October 9, 2013

I love the outfits! I would like to know where frome are Ivy’s shoes?
Thank you!

Courtney in London
October 10, 2013

Hi Ella,
The desert boots are by Pom Pom and I got them from Niddle Noddle:


October 11, 2013

Many times I wish that my boys could inherit clothes from each other! But they are the same size, truly..except one has slightly larger feet, so Patrick can inherit Eric’s shoes.

I think that your sense of style is amazing. You get such classic colors and styles for the children- very easy to pass on from one kiddo to another. My boys just outgrew their navy blue Saltwater sandals–would be perfect for another little boy or girl, right?

And I love that Ivy (and Marlow) don’t wear the typical “pricencesses and sparkly”-everything things! Although I do see how a little girl would love Hello Kitty 🙂

Best wishes from Illinois….Esther

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