The new Little Fashion Gallery collection

What goes around, comes around. I remember, as a teenager, there was a period where sweatshirts were ever so fashionable, and at some point we had college style university logos and emblems adorning them. Combined with loafers and smart jackets of course! I had a blast from the past when I saw the new collection from Little Fashion Gallery — college style to the return, and done with such great style!

I asked Ava to model the adorable Jules Funny horse fleece sweatshirt for me, and I swear I didn’t have anything to do with her styling. (Coincidentally she’s playing with the stick horse we made for Sara’s 5th birthday party years ago — do you remember that sweet project?) The quality and fit of these cool sweatshirts is amazing, and they’re so easy to care for too.  I got some for both of my boys as well!

xxx Esther


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