Easy and delicious Pad Thai recipe

My daughter Violette is going through one of these major no-food phases. She isn’t eating anything, and mealtimes are taking a life and a day.

I know I should ignore it, but it is difficult, especially when I have gone to great lengths to cook something special. (I think she took the biscuit when she announced she did not like bread anymore: because baguette was too crusty and normal bread too soft!)

She did, however, eat her body weight in a bowl of the best Pad Thai I have ever made, so I quickly wanted to post about it, just in case anyone else has a non-eater in their midst. I left out the radish, the dried shrimp (as I did not have any), and the chilli (I added some chilli sauce for myself and Coco later). I also used spring onions instead of Chinese chives. Even this simplified version was delicious and easy to whip together.

I always forget how much children (and adults) enjoy eating with chopsticks and slurping noodles – the novelty factor never wears off!

– Emilie


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Yana - BG
October 2, 2013

My son (10) has periods when he doesnt eat almost anything .. he doesn’t like tomatos courgettes eggplants etc or something cooked.. last summer he was eating hot dogs for a week … Sometimes I think that he could eat only pasta with pesto without complaining.. I call this “eat like prisoner” because I think that in prison give the criminals to eat the same food for a long time for punishment . 🙂

October 2, 2013

Thank you for the recipe! Just the other day I was craving Pad Thai but wanted to make it home made! Done! Thanks 🙂 Hope your little sweet starts eating better again soon 🙂

October 6, 2013

Thanks for this, I love thai food and I’m in such a need for new dinner ideas. I only have a handful of recipes I make over and over again, and so tired of them right now. Please share more dinners girls!! love your blog posts <3 ..and good luck with your non-eater. I hope it's a short phase ; )

October 7, 2013

Ha, thank you, I am hoping it will be too!

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