La Coqueta, timeless Spanish clothing with a modern twist

Just looking at the beautiful new A/W collection at La Coqueta makes me want to give my children’s wardrobe a bit of an overhaul — to chuck out their denim jeans with holes in the knees, their tatty tees, and their old tired hoodies… and replace them with tailored, timeless Spanish pieces. There is something about this collection that, while it is obviously beautiful and polished, it’s also fun and playful. Take a peek at the Lookbook – don’t you love the little knee socks (I love that one is always scrunched down a little), and suspenders, and sweet little dresses and…!!

And this little number?! Isn’t it the cutest thing?!!

I also love the new feature where you can shop their collection by looks — for boys, girls and babies — which basically makes it super easy to replicate their sweet little ensembles. I’ll be popping into their Hampstead boutique very soon to take a peek at it all in person…

xx Courtney


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October 1, 2013

It really is beautiful clothing. I have just received the leather boots for my son, love them.

Esperanza B
October 1, 2013

I Love Love Love the spanish clothes, great quality and grate taste!!!

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