Our Summer holiday in Middle France

Summer Holidays rock everywhere I reckon, but we just had one of our best holidays ever, so I wanted to jot down a few of my memories!

I need to preface this with the mention that we had one of the worst springs in history (my history at least). So everyone was longing for sun, warmth and the big outdoors! Also we ended up spending much of spring in Paris and I for one was going a bit stir crazy!

So our first stop was the Haute-Vienne part of the Limousin, which is the area my family comes from. It is not especially well known, but I have been going there my whole life and it has developed incredibly over the years. We also have a very simple little farmhouse down there (photo above), which is very rustic but very charming; it feels like home.

We went to the bustling market on a Wednesday in the little town of Piegut, where we picked up some amazing tomatoes, confit de canard, plums and cheeses.  There is a lovely café there and a cute little ice cream shop.

We went climbing in trees around the lac de la Haute Charente, which is a huge amount of fun, especially when you zip line across a lake!

We went to some of the evening markets all around the region where the locals butchers sell their meat which is great in front of you. There is also normally a cheesy cover band playing and locals and tourist alike get to join in the fun.

(Above Coco dancing to an Bob Marley cover band at a fête du village, the lovely plums from Piegut market and Coco and Vi hanging out by our local swimming lake)

We then rented a VW camper van and drove around the amazing Dordogne. We discovered the lovely village of Limeuil and visited the Aquarium and old style village of Bournat, which the girls loved. We discovered a troglodyte village and the Lascaud caves. We swam in the Dordogne river and ate amazing food.

(Above the bridge over the Dordogne in the lovely village of Limeuil and a baker baking bread the old fashioned way in Le Brounat.)

The next stop was the lovely little village of Carcans-Plage (also known as Carcans-Ocean). It actually is not really a village but more a bunch of beach shacks, with world class surf. It is tiny, though a lot of people turn up for the day and is surrounded by pine forests. We cycled for hours along the bike paths in the pine forests without seeing cars and jumped around the waves. I even took some surf classes! I especially loved the lovely wooden beach shack rentals, which the local town built; perfect for families.

(The beach, the local pine forest and Vi ready to hit the surf.)

Finally we returned back to the Limousin for more BBQs, family, friends, sun and fun! I still wish it had never finished and I was still hanging out in my hammock!

– Emilie

(Photo taken by Coco of Vi and me enjoying the sunset in the Limousin!)


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September 13, 2013

Hi! It looks fantastic. I’ve been to France many times, but not to Dordogne, I’d love to go. I love food markets and in France they have lots! Isn’t that baker really stylish!

Emilie in Paris
September 13, 2013

He is, isn’t he!

September 13, 2013

Hi, Emily,
We were at Dordogne this summer too and visited the most amazing topiary gardens: Les Jardins de Marqueyssac. It’s fairy tale like, you must go with your girls next time.

Emilie in Paris
September 13, 2013

Thanks for the tip!

September 13, 2013

I loved your holiday recount. I have bookmarked this place for our next adventure to France, crossing our fingers it won’t be too long. Missing the fresh food markets and the trendy bakers!

Great memories.

September 14, 2013

This trully looks amazing! I could actually smell the pines. And the cute surfer girl Vi. And Coco with her long skirt, looking like a relaxed hippie – she touched my heart. Thanks for sharing your lovely story and bringing a holiday feeling to our homes.

Courtney in London
September 16, 2013

Your summer looks so dreamy! I want to join you one year at your place in France! xx

p.s. We are thinking about driving down to France in October over half-term – any chance you are also on school holidays and want to meet up?!! xx

Emilie in Paris
September 16, 2013

You serious! How much fun would that be!! When is your half-term?

Esther in Amsterdam
September 16, 2013

It all sounds so heavenly. It’s really all about making memories, isn’t it? You sure made some this summer. xxxxx

Emilie in Paris
September 16, 2013

We most definitely did!

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