Stuck on You name labels

One of my friends once admitted to me that she spent at least one session with her therapist discussing her frustration about her kids continuously losing their belongings at school. If I remember correctly — I think that even her husband was present in that session! And I can see where she’s coming from — clothes do continuously seem to disappear without a trace, never to be found again. Winter is especially bad — isn’t it a fact that mittens (like socks!) prefer to lead a single life instead of being one of a pair?

My friend’s therapist, by the way, simply advised that labelling her children’s clothes should eliminate (at least one of) her stress factors. I took note! So this school year, I have started to iron name labels in my kids’ bags and coats. The Stuck on You name labels were very easy to iron on, and my kids find their personalised coats and bags the coolest ever! (So let’s hope they will make a bigger effort at not losing them!)

xxx Esther


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August 28, 2013

That’s cool idea! Please let us know whether they keep on well. I think I’ll have to order some for my son. How many sticks did you get in one set? I couldn’t find that information on their site…

Esther in Amsterdam
August 29, 2013

Hi Hanna — there are two sheets with each 24 labels in a pack!

August 28, 2013

I went to a boarding school where everything had to be labelled, from underwear and socks to towels and bed sheets.

Today, my boyfriend laughs because my stuffed toy rabbit still has one on its bum!

Esther in Amsterdam
August 29, 2013

That is cute!

August 28, 2013

Stuck on you labels are fabulous.

For me, some items of clothing are seemingly resistant to iron-on labels, for these I’ve bought labels that get fixed with a plastic “pin”

They don’t scratch (if, after fixing it does feel scratchy you can file down with a nail file), are completely secure unless you want to remove the label to recycle the piece of clothing. They take a few seconds to attach. I did all my son’s school stuff in 20 minutes.

Search for tag labels,

August 28, 2013 is a source for lables and you don’t even need to iron! just stick the name sticker on the tag inside the clothing. these are resistant to multiple machine washings.

August 30, 2013

Great idea! Way better than writing using permanent markers.

September 2, 2013

Love these super cute pics about our Iron on Clothing Labels. We have Stick On Clothing Labels too that can be stuck straight onto the care tag. Great post!

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