This Week…

Our summer holidays are winding down! Didn’t summer seem to speed by?!! Esther’s kids already started school this week. We can’t believe it! Here is a look back at the past week.

1. Marlow, she’s become such a little talker
2. Esther, back on her bicycle with her kids (and a picnic basket) in her Bakfiets
3. Jumping high in the sky! Fun!
4. Daily catch. Caught right off the beach in front of Courtney’s summer beach house.
5. Courtney’s kids on the ferry back to Seattle
6. Esther spent the last day of summer holidays at The Herman Renz Circus, the largest circus in The Netherlands.
7. Emilie’s little farm house she hopes to renovate some day
8. Courtney and her girls on a beach walk at sunset
9. Emilie’s last day in the French countryside – they’re headed back to Paris today!
10. Vivi and some friends, sneaking chocolate!

Happy Weekend everyone!
xx Esther, Emilie & Courtney

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