This week…

1. Sweet Coco having a read before bedtime. So serene!
2. Baby Casper’s little hand.
3. Casper in his tub, the old-fashioned way!
4. Courtney’s kids are off for a beach walk.
5. Playing with petals…
6. Coco running errands on her own (with French bread of course)!
7. 1973 or 2013??
8. Beautiful Lake Tahoe, where Courtney was visiting family this week.
9. Esther’s kids hiking thorugh the valley.
10. Easton on a rope swing!
11. Coco gliding through the trees.
12. A cloudy (but beautiful) day in Bainbridge Island.

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August 2, 2013

Those images are so inspiring! They made me remind childhood summers.

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