Susanne Kaufmann: Heaven for Your Skin

July 31, 2013

I’ve been on the lookout for good organic cosmetic products for a while now and up to this day I have found quite a few great ones which is not really easy to do to be quite honest. Most of them just don’t do anything for me. But what I noticed is the older I get the pickier I am and I also want it to come in nice containers. There is nothing nicer than a bunch of pretty bottles on the bathroom shelf, don’t you think? Of course the content is what counts the most but it doesn’t hurt if it also looks nice.

So I recently got to try out a few products from Susanne Kaufmann, a holistic natural organic line of products for the whole body. I love the fact they produce everything in their own manufacturing facility in Bregenzer Forest in the Austrian Alps and they actually even fill, seal and pack every single product by hand in glass jars – the pretty kinds.

I have tried this Skin Smoothing Concentrate and it is absolutely amazing – I have never tried anything like it before, pure liquid gold I tell you. I have also tried the Eye Cream, Day and Night Cream from the Anti-Aging Line and loved them all. I am also currently using their Arnica Oil with vitamin E on my growing tummy in order to avoid getting stretch marks (fingers crossed) and you can only guess my thoughts on it. The thing I love the most about it is its fragrance – you can smell there’s nothing artificial about it, only good old mix of plants.

You can get all the products from their own online boutique and if you’re up for it you can also visit their Spa Centre in Bregenz Forest – I’d be more than happy to join you!



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Esther in Amsterdam
August 13, 2013

Let’s go! It looks really amazing! x

August 13, 2013

Did you see? Isn’t it awesome? Imagine a few days just us mamas there! H-e-a-v-e-n!

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