This Week…

1. Esther’s bounty from the market. Peppers in every colour!
2. Esther’s pretty house in France
3. Ivy eating a purple marionberry ice cream and loving it!
4. Colourful baskets at the market
5. Emilie’s finally arrived to her country house in France
6. Emilie’s girls staying cool while they splash in the fountain
7. All four of Esther’s kids in a grocery cart – the cutest groceries! : )
8. Courtney’s kids swimming in beautiful Lake Tahoe
9. Emilie’s girls chasing the sunset in France
10. Stylish little Vivi on a shopping run with her mama
11. Easton, obsessed with sea life, caught a red starfish!
12. Can you spot cute Casper sitting in the shade?

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