Last week…

We’re a bit late with our weekly Instagram update — but here it is from last week!

1. Ivy and her dad on her grandpa’s farm in the States
2. The entrence door of Esther’s family house in France
3. Ava on the swing in between the stunning blue hydrangeas
4. Marlow enjoying the warmth in their London garden
5. A beautiful church on a hot summer evening in Emilie’s street in Paris.
6. Courtney and her cute family enjoying a weekend lunch
7. Emilie’s girls discovered the old Playmobil pirate ship in her parent’s house in Italy!
8. Quin on a beautiful English beach
9. Emilie’s view from the train in the south of France
10. Esther’s kids caught tadpoles from the cows’ trough
11. Ava all packed and ready to leave for France
12. Cutie Casper enjoying a sink bath.

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