The not so fun parts of pregnancy

I think that like 99% of pregnant women experience “morning” sickness that can actually drag throughout the whole day. But what really fascinates me is how each has her own things that trigger those not-so-lovely moments even more often and more powerful. For instance, in my first pregnancy I couldn’t stand the smell of the fridge! I never even noticed it gives out an odor but after I got pregnant my boyfriend had to get the food out of it. And basil – oh my, I couldn’t stand that smell. And something that has stuck with me ever since – perfumes and all kinds of artificial fragrances. I still can’t stand them today. Before that I had no problems with them but today I own one single bottle of perfume that gets used maybe once or two times a year!

Now this time around I have no problem with fridges, basil doesn’t really bother me but I got sick for no real reasons and I crave for really sour things like lemon juice that I thought would help but it actually made things even worse. I also tried the ginger bonbons (even though I hate ginger) which were suppose to help the nausea but they didn’t so I just gave up and have waited until the sickness simply gave up on it’s own. And (fingers and all toes crossed) I really think it did now. At least for most of the day.

I’m curious about your experiences. Tell me, what made (or is making) you sick and did you find something that actually helped? I’m not trying to complain at all since I absolutely adore being pregnant, it seriously is the best time of my life, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time so I have to ask – what was (were?) the least pleasant part of the pregnancy for you? We all know about the best parts…

PS. The photo is from my first pregnancy when I was pregnant with Tila – I don’t have much to show yet.



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Gill Wong
July 19, 2013

Pregnancy was the best and worst times of my life! I loved knowing I was pregnant, the way my belly grew and my body changed and the feeling of my babies moving inside but othewise, I really struggled through both of my pregnancies. I had some medical complications in the first pregnancy which required twice daily injections of an anticoagulant for the remainder of that pregnancy and throughout my second one. And both times I vomiting at least once a day, every day, throughout the whole pregnancy. I would vomit first thing in the morning and then at random times throughout the day and night. Sometimes even waking in the middle of the night to vomit. My “morning sickness” never got any better and I can honestly say it was the hardest time of my life. Having to work and look after a toddler while you feel that sick for nine months is really tough. My youngest is only 3 months old and despite how hard my pregnancies have been, I love this special time and breastfeeding so much that I would consider having another baby! Luckily my babies have been good to me once they’re out and sleep and feed well. It’s good to talk about the tough parts of pregnancy as well as the good- I think many women feel guilty for not loving every second of it.

July 19, 2013

Hi Polona
I am pregnant with number 4 🙂
What helped:
1st baby: rice cakes and Orangina
2nd baby: bread with Philadelphia and fresh tomatoes
3rd baby: eat regularly
4th baby: acid fruits & fresh lemon
What annoys me the most in my pregnancies although I am very healthy is the weight I put on, 20kgs for the 1st, 18 for the second, 24 for the 3rd (which left me with extra 5 that I never lost) and I am already at +5 at 15 weeks….
Good luck with your pregnancy

July 19, 2013

Hi Emilie,

Congratulations, we only 2 weeks apart then! I crave for acid fruit, especially lemon now too but it makes things worse actually! And I agree with eating regularly – hunger is the worst makes me soo sick!
I didn’t gain so much weight during my first pregnancy but I could never get rid of extra 3-5 kgs and my arms stayed chubby if you can believe it! No work out helps! =oS
Good luck to you too!!!

July 19, 2013

I threw up every morning during both pregnancies. Both times mild orange juices, bananas and ginger ale helped a little. The sickness lasted longer throughout the day the second time around and also didn´t go away completely.
I still managed to gain 18 kg both times, got rid of it all the first time but still having trouble with the last 7 kg this time around and my daughter is already two 🙁

July 19, 2013

Oh if only it had been just MORNING sickness!
In my first pregnancy it started at about midday, and got progressively worse so that by the time I staggered back from work (having zig-zaged all the way to avoid the smell of the bins in the street) I’d be all green and queasy and only capable of lying on the sofa heaving! My poor boyfriend (now husband) would have to try to cook me something I’d be able to face eating, with little success, yet I was never actually sick. I craved super healthy cold grated carrot salad with lemon juice and raisins and found green tea with fresh ginger help a bit.
Second pregnancy? Sick, sick, SICK, with a toddler in tow just to enhance the experience! And what did I crave? BISCUITS!!! I put on 3 stone between month 3 and 9, and got the worst stretch marks ever, leaving me with a belly with the texture of a bowl of cold porridge! Weirdly even the THOUGHT of green tea with ginger made me throw up!
I’m totally with you on the perfume thing: can’t bear the chemical smell of it on myself or anyone else since pregnancy, weird huh!
Hope you feel a little better now. It is really the only good reason to feel sick!

July 19, 2013

Hi Polona,
Ginger tea actually helped me a lot with “morning” sickness. I drunk a cup twice a day at work and that did the trick. If you drink it right after you take the bag out, the taste is not so pungent. However… I can not stand ginger tea now because of that :-). I had my fill.
Other than that… my worst memory of pregnancy was an itchy rash I got on my belly, arms, legs… on the last month of pregnancy. And it got worst after birth and no prescribed medicine helped. Only Aloe Vera helped me get through the day. Doctors said I had developed an allergy but I after some research I realised I had PUPPS (you can google it if you are curious). In rare cases it manifest after childbirth… luckily the rash was gone after 3 months. It was really hard on me and my little baby. I could hardly carry her on my arms because her body heat made it worst.
Good luck to you Polona! Enjoy the second trimester – blissful pregnancy time.

July 19, 2013

Like many of you I was sick all day long, both times, for about 20 weeks and then it stopped just as I was beginning to hate being pregnant. At least second time around I had a toddler to distract me (and rub my back when I was throwing up). I hated the smell of the fridge too and supermarkets! And the smell of roast chicken still sets me on edge 6 months on. First time around I craved sugar snap peas and green apples, but the thing which kept the sickness at bay was to eat all day (and night) long. Second time around I craved HUGE bars of chocolate… which I’m still scoffing too much of now. Good luck with your pregnancy!

July 19, 2013

It never caused me to vomit, but grocery stores, churches and any other space with a high ceiling caused me major nausea and dizziness. I had to grocery shop with a ball cap on and my head down and only looked up when absolutely necessary!

July 19, 2013

I found that post-throwup when I was trying to get the nausea stabilized, purple grape juice (no sugar added) frozen in ice cubes and then eaten in ice shards (the juice doesn’t freeze hard naturally) helped pull me back from the edge. Not a liquid, not a food, cold, and I suspect boosting blood sugar was the best help. I would move on to a baked potato with salt, possibly a little bit of butter not to be too dry. Neither grape juice or potatoes were a pleasure to eat but it stabilized me so I could eat in an hour. More of a tool that served me well in all my pregnancies. Cravings were totally different though, one time it was lemon granita, another coffee ice cream, vietnamese soup…a girlfriend once confided that things that were repulsive were doubly so and things that tasted good became unforgettable. And since she said it, I focused on cherishing how good something good tastes when pregnant, because that taste doesn’t come again. Ah, that lemon granita that one day…

I had a lot of throwing up with my pregnancies, like my mother before me. Frozen grape juice and potatoes and never letting my blood sugar drop were the best I could devise so I could gai weight. And having a plastic dishpan in the car with me! So much better than throwing up in a public bathroom…one of the lowest moments in life, somehow, for me.

July 19, 2013

For me magnesium was like a miracle! I went from all day nausea to feeling totally fine within 2 days of starting magnesium. I read that its best absorbed topically as magnesium oil which is what I’m using and its amazing! Helps wjth sleep, muscle aches also.

July 19, 2013

Ooooh good to know!

July 19, 2013

I was nauseous for 4 months all day everyday. Papaya enzymes- helped a little bit but nothing really helped much. The only things I liked to eat was fruit, citrus and tart things. Driving in a car was torturous. I couldn’t even look at a tomato and to this day it’s hard to eat them. I had to stick my head out the window in the middle of winter one night just to breath in the fresh air because my husband was cooking chicken! Eewww! The smell was too much! I also had to throw out a ton of food, spices, and condiments in the cupboards because just the sight of them made me sick. But the second trimester I felt like a million bucks!!! 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
July 20, 2013

I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better! Morning sickness is the worst. What really made me sick was the exhaust of cars. And brushing my teeth was another challenge… But all in all, my pregnancies were pretty easy. I never suffered from morning sickness too much. Enjoy this special time!! Being pregnant is so amazing! xxx
PS what a beautiful photo!

July 20, 2013

Oh my I absolutely LOVE the “debate” that developed here. It’s so interesting to read all the experiences and the tips are so helpful. Thank you to each and every one!!!

July 20, 2013

It has been three years since my twin boys arrived…but as amazing as being responsible for creating a new little being, it is tough work. My eldest (5yrs) arrived at just before 33weeks as an emergency caesarean due to preeclampsia. With my twins I went to nearly full term – and it was tough. I had Parker, who was 15mths when I fell with the twins – Sick and running after a toddler. Phewwwwww! I don’t wish for those days back. Food cravings, smells and sickness changed daily for me – one minute the freshest of steamed broccoli with feta and balsamic vinager to a McDonalds cheese burger the next. xx

Emilie in Paris
July 20, 2013

What a beautiful photo! I I actually never had any sickness, so it always took me quite long to realise I was actually pregnant. I hope you get to enjoy the pregnancy! xx

July 21, 2013

With both my pregnancies, I craved ice!! Was a bit bizarre and not that great for my teeth either 🙂 but healthy I guess!!!

July 21, 2013

Polona, smells also triggered nausea for me.
In fact, I knew I was pregnant the morning I woke up and the smell of coffee made me cover my face with the pillow.
What I found helpful was eating my favorite childhood foods. That was all I felt like. They were Granny Smith apples, my mom’s tomato rice and penne arrabbiata! All the best.

July 22, 2013

Definitely my least favourite part of pregnancy. Anything and everything made/makes me vomit. Brushing my teeth, opening the fridge/oven/dishwasher, grocery shopping, taking the train to work, driving, even drinking water or looking at recipe books to meal plan for the following week … Combined with constant nausea.

Medication (ondansetron) was the only thing that helped previously, after losing 5kg by 8 weeks. Currently pregnant again and trying not to take anything, but coping with a 3 yr old adds another level of complexity!

July 22, 2013

Pregnant during the humidity of summer in NYC was hard going, I felt nauseous all the time but it gave me some super human powers. My sense of smell was so powerful. The smells of the city in turn marked my every step. I remember at a subway station, going to sit on a crowded bench and the stench stopped me dead in my tracks— I thought, someone urinated here two days ago. The smell was so pungent and strong that I had to walk out of the station and take to the sidewalk. No one else seemed to notice.

July 22, 2013

Oh, the fridge! I remember having guests over and being utterly mortified by my rancid fridge every time it opened. My husband swore up and down he couldn’t smell it. I believed him and decided it was the pipes in our kitchen. I sent him to the store to buy the toughest industrial cleaners one could find. When that didn’t work, I hired someone to check the bathrooms for mold. When they came up clean, I just laid in bed a cried for days. About six months later, I learned there is a garbage dump over the hill and I’ve decided that must have been what I was smelling. I had smelling super powers. I would have much preferred invisibility, especially after a man laid his hands on my and prayed for me and my baby while standing in line for a burrito. Also, people talk about heart burn, but my goodness, I was certain that all of hell moved into my esophagus. They say that if you have really bad heartburn, during your pregnancy your baby will be born with a ton of hair. That wives tale held true with me. She had a thick head of dark hair three inches long.

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