Coq en Pate – Frisbee

School is out for the summer and we are so happy, we are kind of delirious! My children are off to see their grandparents in Italy, so we are packing suitcases (I sooo much prefer packing suitcases than unpacking them!).

Shorts, leggings and dresses have already been thrown in and I just remembered this cool frisbee I picked up the other day – made in France out of seaweed; how cool is that! There is nothing quite like throwing a frisbee around on a beach and I love the fact that this frisbee is actually made out of a product you find in the sea!

– Emilie


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July 15, 2013

Love this! I love anything with a seasidy vibe and this is tres cool…think my little one might take up frisbee throwing if she saw this.

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