Yay for tennis! And Ugly is cool!

Ugly Children’s Clothing is a Norwegian brand started by three dads who after having babies decided that there were no children’s clothes available on the market that were cool enough for them. Well, for their baby, really. So they started producing an awesome collection that is hip, practical, of great quality, and allowed their babies to come skiing with them wearing their own traditional Norwegian knit baby bodies. Or let their toddlers join in their fish flying activities without them getting cold or wet. For real! How cool are those dads?

The new Ugly collection is again so, so on trend: a very retro looking gym collection! With fantastic track suits, gym bags, tube socks, and tennis outfits that John McEnroe himself must be jealous of (how cool are the sweatbands?). Our oldest two, Sara and Pim, have this week started their tennis training (in Ugly tennis outfits) because hey — the last (and only) time that a Dutchmen won Wimbledon was already 17 years ago, so we better start training now!

xxx Esther


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July 10, 2013

So cool and not ugly at all. I had no idea a Dutch man had even ever won Wimbledon!

Esther in Amsterdam
July 11, 2013

Richard Krajicek in 1996! 🙂 x

July 11, 2013

This photo reminds me of The Royal Tenembaums – the height of nerd-cool!

Esther in Amsterdam
July 11, 2013

So true!!

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