ESSENTIALS AND TIPS your phone number on your child

It must be one of every parent’s worst fears — losing your child in a crowd. The airport, an amusement park, the park on a warm summer day, the beach… all places where it’s so, so easy for a child to get lost. ‘She was just here a second ago’ is a phrase I know too well myself, and thankfully (touch wood!!), we’ve always found our kids back before panic broke loose. However, kids do get lost all the time, and this is where comes with a simple solution: silicon armbands with your phone number embossed in it.

I ordered two Ring-rings each for my kids, one with my husband’s number and one with mine, and so far they’ve been great! They’re waterproof, the colours are fun (glow-in-the-dark even!) and the miniature sizes are perfect for small children’s tiny wrists. They also have a very high ‘cool’ factor, my kids have not taken them off since they arrived.

This summer when we’re traveling, it’s safe to know my kids will have our phone numbers on them at all times. (But I hope they won’t need them!)

xxx Esther


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Courtney in London
July 2, 2013

My kids love them too!! (Ivy took them off at her nursery and ‘lost’ her bracelets for a day, and she was so distraught about it!! Thankfully we found them. ) I have to say, I do feel that bit more secure knowing that if they ever got lost (god forbid!) they would have a way of getting in touch with us. xxx

July 3, 2013

Such a good idea! I got lost in Santorini when I was eleven and I really remember those time of “what to do”.

July 3, 2013

What a brilliant concept – thank you so much for the tip, i’ve just ordered some!

July 4, 2013

Wow, I read this post the other day and thought this must go on the list of things to eventually buy…..but today my oldest got lost (for the first time ever) in the zoo and I was beside myself….. Worst 15 minutes of my life ever. Will be ordering asap! A quick question, do the bands stay on well? My daughter has a similar one for swimming and easily takes it on and off….
Thanks for the tip :o)

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