One Sunday

Sara turned eight last month. Eight! What a big daughter I have. She’s also very tall and skinny, so I have been buying size 10 for her clothes, sometimes even size 12. And this is where we have a little bit of a problem — most of the cute brands I know don’t go bigger than size 8. Enter One Sunday, an Australian based label specialising on tasteful fashion for girls size 8 to 14. Sara is wearing the Reversible mash-it-up dress in the photos above, which is made of two layers of jersey cleverly sewn together, resulting in a super comfortable and cute looking dress, which can be worn all year round (on both sides).

There’s also a lovely collection of accessories and stationary, all selected with older girls in mind. (I really love the look of these posters, how cool!)

xxx Esther

PS Sara is playing with giant ‘Pick up sticks’ (we call them Mikado in Dutch)!


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June 24, 2013

I love that giant mikado! I’ve never seen it. Here in Spain also call it like you..but it’s a little bit smaller 😉

Your girl is beautiful, she reminds my big sister..who always love her brothers and take care of us. We also are four but girl-boy-boy-girl and both of your kiddos (Courtney’s and yours) make me remember my lovely childhood and make me happy. Xx

Esther in Amsterdam
June 25, 2013

Thank you Belén. Sara truly is the ‘oldest sister’, she’s very caring and has a very sweet and gentle character… Thank you for your sweet words. xxx

June 24, 2013

So timely!! I also have a very tall daughter who is 7 but wears a 10 and often a 12. Tricky to find things that are long enough for her without being too big in the chest and waist, so she wears a lot of dresses. I will have to check it out.

Lovely photos!

Esther in Amsterdam
June 25, 2013

I know! It is SO tricky. Especially trousers are difficult. Thankfully Sara prefers to wear dresses and skirts, which makes it easier, but still! I think you will like this dress from One Sunday for your girl! xxx

Courtney in London
June 25, 2013

Sara is so cute! She will make such a good wife to Easton some day. (Though let’s hope he catches up to her in height!) : ) xxx

July 5, 2013

Sara is just beautiful. So lovely. That dress is great! I would love one for myself! 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
July 7, 2013

Thank you! And yes, me too. x

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