Chocolate cake in a tin can

Ever since I saw the post about baking a cake in a tin can on Oh Happy Day I wanted to try it!! We did it last week and it was sooo much fun!

I did the cake with the Thermomix, a cooking robot that is really really helpful for me!

After baking it, cut it into layers and fill with your favourite filling. It was soo much fun to see the cake grow inside the tin can. And really, it was very easy. We think is a nice and different way to bake! Hope you like it!



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June 7, 2013

when will you do a Babyccino cookbook?! i keep on printing recipes from the blog and would so much love a proper B Book! love my thermomix. will try this one now!

Courtney in London
June 9, 2013

Ooooh Maria, I LOVE this!! It looks so fun to make… and delicious too! Maybe I will try it. My son’s birthday is coming up this week!

Esther in Amsterdam
June 10, 2013

This is such a fun idea! I’ve never heard of a Thermomix… will have to investigate — I’m intrigued! x

June 10, 2013

Really Esther? Maybe is the most popular cooking machine in Spain. In my family all who are married have one, my grandma..quite simple and it has a lot of uses. I remember doing my first brownies when I was 8 in Thermomix. I’m sure that when I will get married I will have one too.

Pd. Maria, seguro que lo pruebo!! Me ha encantado

June 12, 2013

I think someone made this comment on the Oh Happy Day post but please be careful with tin cans! Many are lined with BPA (at least in the United States), a known endocrine disrupter, linked to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. (Here is a link to New York Times article on the topic: Better be safe and not cook in them.

August 13, 2013

Yes. Yes. P-L-E-A-S-E be sure to read this New York Times article. Cooking with tins cans is NOT safe — at all. And never, ever put tin cans ( tuna fish!) in the refrigerator. Another drastic no, no. Velika: Thanks for the powerful link, yet those cakes look adorable, best to wise, and stay safe.

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