Numero 74 — perfect for parties

This year we celebrated Ava’s birthday in Paris! We happened to have booked a trip there that weekend, so we invited our Parisian friends over to the apartment we were staying for a little party. Of course Emilie came with her girls, and we asked the local bakery to make a chocolate cake — Ava’s favourite! For decoration, I used a few party supplies from Numero 74, which I had brought over, and it worked out so well! The magnetic fish looked so pretty on the table (plus, they provided for some immediate entertainment). There were also little butterfly gift bags with little Numero 74 party favours, like cute crochet cherry necklaces and bracelets. They were so cute and the girls loved them.

Numero 74 is a French/Italian brand established by two cousins with the aim to create a selection of party kits that appeal to children as well as to parents. The collections are poetic and dreamy, with pretty muted colours. There are a variety of themes (like butterflies, pirates, and unicorns), in which you can find gift bags, invites, garlands and notebooks. There are tasteful party favours, like the adorable crochet details I mentioned before, so pretty! I’m really impressed with the sweet and simple, understated but tasteful styling of it all — such a far cry from the flashy commercial party merchandise one can get in the supermarket.

There is also a beautiful line of Numero 74 party clothes, which are rich in design and materials used (organza, velvet) and are of the sort of quality that they will be used for years and years, and will then be handed down to friends. Adorable!

All Numero 74 products are handcrafted by artisans and women co-operatives in Thailand, providing these women with a steady source of employment and income whilst being able to work from home and look after their family. All good!

xxx Esther


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steffanie m
June 5, 2013

Hi Esther,
Love this post- really, really adore the dress with the the forest animals behind the cherry necklace! Do you know where it came from? I know a little girl who would fall to pieces over it! Thank you!

Esther in Amsterdam
June 5, 2013

Hi Steffanie,
Thanks! That is actually Emilie’s cute daughter Coco — I will ask Emilie to let you know where it’s from! Yes, so cute!! xxx

Emilie in Paris
June 5, 2013

Hi Steffanie,
It is from Cos, but I actually got it 3 years ago. It is actually my daughters favourite!

Stacy Ragueneau
June 5, 2013

Oh my , someone else wants the same info I am hoping to get… LOVE that print on the dress! We also love birthdays in Paris! ( any excuse is ok is it not?)

June 5, 2013

I love numero 74! I think their stuff is so beautiful and often I give it as the gift, not a party favour – really it’s so nice!

June 8, 2013

So chic to have a birthday in Paris!! Love this site – it’s bookmarked ready for my girls birthday. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Ava!! xx

June 10, 2013

love the photos Esther !!! and great article. thanks so much !

Helena xx

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