Hatch-To-Hospital Box

I love the idea of this new hospital box from maternity label, Hatch. It’s a box of luxurious hospital necessities for new mothers to wear after they’ve given birth. The box contains a knee-length nightgown designed to feel like your softest t-shirt, as well as a grey jersey robe, a pair of Cosabella black briefs (full coverage, but still pretty), and a pair of luxurious grey cashmere socks.

I think it would make for a lovely gift to give yourself as you’re gearing up for labour… or for your husband to give to you! I don’t know about anyone else, but the outfit I wore after giving birth was always the last thing I thought about before I went into labour, and I often ended up snatching my husband’s t-shirt and throwing back on the outfit I wore into the hospital. There was nothing special about it at all. I sort of like the idea of adding a bit of luxurious comfort to the equation, and feeling that bit more elegant in the special first days after your baby is born. (Not that I will be doing it ever again! But still!)

x Courtney


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May 21, 2013

I love the idea!!!

Esther in Amsterdam
May 21, 2013

Great idea. I would have loved that! (You just want to feel pampered after doing such a big job!)

June 14, 2013

I would have loved to feel luxurious in the hospital instead of walking around in a gown. I don’t, however, understand the beautiful underwear! Especially if you have a vaginal delivery…I’m 2.5 months post partum and still haven’t worn pretty undies!

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